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ENK 1-13-2013 Part 2 {NYC Kids Fashion | Holt and Lulu | GIL & JAS}

So we continue on. As I was about to enter the show, I got a text from my awesome stylist, with an image attached, asking me to check out the booth, and pretty please get the designer’s info. So I briefly glance at the message and go in. As I make my way through the show in a true Candy Kid Photography way, I see splashes of mustard in a booth, and I am immediately drawn to them. They seem sort of familiar, but I struggle to figure out why, and then it hits me – it’s the same picture I have seen earlier on my phone. To say I was impressed is an understatement. A few pieces I truly fell in love with. I won’t tell more, but make sure to visit Holt and Lulu’s FB page and their website.

I absolutely LOVED IKKS display at this show 🙂 Who doesn’t love an old jukebox? However, Ralph Lauren’s choices were a bit odd. Take a look for yourselves.


Next on the list – understated elegance for minis in ready to wear ensembles. Welcome Gil & Jas. From the color and pattern choices to stylish design and attention to detail, which for some items Gil has transferred into mini sizes from his menswear collection Barque  (I checked it out, it’s stunning as well!!!). For example, awesome tailored vests actually carry Barque label on them, while blue and red prints, as well as polka dots make for amazingly delicious boys’ shirts! Oh, one of my favorites was a pullover, that I just had to include in this collage 🙂 A true family business run by brother and sister – Gil & Jas.



One special day {Candy Kid Photography | Brooklyn Teen Photographer}

I had a very special guest in my studio recently. This beauty has recently turned 16, and asked her Mom book a shoot with yours truly. We at Candy Kid Photography were super excited to meet the amazingly talented Miss D. Oh, did I mention this young lady signs like a bird and donates her time and talent to charities around NYC? 🙂 Yes, Met Opera selects awesome talent!

A little sneak peek, before I have the permission to unveil the absolutely stunning Sweet 16th gown images.

DK 16th bday-60 FB

Vogue Bambini Fashion Show @ ENK (March 2011)

I was so excited to have shot this adorable show! It is truly a staple of ENK Children’s Club. And, I got lucky, as one of the models I was shooting later that day for a Babiekins Magazine editorial was walking the runway, and I got to meet her and her wonderful Mom beforehand.

You can see the full album on Candy Kid Photo FB Page

Models walking in Zutano @ENK Vogue Bambini Fashion Show in NYC


Models walking in Enchanted Enfant @ENK Vogue Bambini Fashion Show in NYC


Models walking in Fox & Finch by Minihaha @ENK Vogue Bambini Fashion Show in NYC


Models walking in Eloise at the Plaza @ENK Vogue Bambini Fashion Show in NYC

All the models were oh-so-adorable!!! Visit my FB Page for more cuteness!


All images are copyright of Candy Kid Photography. Please do not use photos without my permission, do not crop off my watermark. Just ask me if you want them, I’ll be happy to send them over for use with proper credit.




A new beginning

I have walked this road, long and winding, often leaving me lost in places I felt I could not  find the way back home. And just when I thought I was in the middle of nowhere and no rescue seen in sight, I saw the light. Now starts a new chapter in my life – blogging, and I am happy to be able to share it with all of you.

I have been thinking about re-branding my photography business for some time, and I have finally took the plunge. Candy Kid Photo is here! I hope to make this journey fun for my clients, friends and fans. Today is a super day to post some of the photos I shot for an editorial for Issue #4 of Babiekins Magazine that was published yesterday.

I hope you like these as much as I do, they always bring a big smile to my face when I look at them.