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ENK 1-13-2013 Part 4 {NYC Kids Fashion | Oilily & Room Seven}

With all the bright colors and patterns, I could never pass by Room Seven and Oilily booths. What stopped me in my tracks this time around was not the absolutely amazing selection of all shades of green, or hot reds, oranges and pinks. Not the adorable clothing. No… it was HUGE, HUMONGOUS, ENORMOUS bags! Everyone knows I am a sucker for an awesome tote, rolling luggage, purse, back pack. Anything you can dump your wallet, camera, planner, and a ton of other things into, and put over your shoulder or roll behind you. So. It. Was. The. Bags. And then I took a few photos of the clothes. You know, just because they were amazingly cute too.



ENK 1-13-2013 Part 3 {NYC Kids Fashion | Spotlight on MeMini by Kristine Vikse}

One of the booths that immediately caught my eye was that of the Norwegian brand MeMini – maybe it’s my nostalgia for my home back north, or just their clean lines, muted colors and fun concepts. Maybe it’s the little chocolate crisps that were so super delicious. Well, don’t let me get carried away. The quality and craftsmanship, as well as design look solid, and take you back to when you believed in fairy tales. To the childhood, where hot cocoa cured colds, and a Mom’s kiss made the boo boo go away. Cozy, nostalgic, warm and absolutely awesome. Little cute pouches used for packaging accessories are also one of the absolute draws. I love when a designer is not only different, but they show attention to detail in everything.

So here goes. SPOTLIGHT on MeMini by Candy Kid Photography. Enjoy, and make sure you visit their site. Inspirational does not begin to describe it!!!

Until Part 4.Memini

ENK 1-13-2013 Part 2 {NYC Kids Fashion | Holt and Lulu | GIL & JAS}

So we continue on. As I was about to enter the show, I got a text from my awesome stylist, with an image attached, asking me to check out the booth, and pretty please get the designer’s info. So I briefly glance at the message and go in. As I make my way through the show in a true Candy Kid Photography way, I see splashes of mustard in a booth, and I am immediately drawn to them. They seem sort of familiar, but I struggle to figure out why, and then it hits me – it’s the same picture I have seen earlier on my phone. To say I was impressed is an understatement. A few pieces I truly fell in love with. I won’t tell more, but make sure to visit Holt and Lulu’s FB page and their website.

I absolutely LOVED IKKS display at this show 🙂 Who doesn’t love an old jukebox? However, Ralph Lauren’s choices were a bit odd. Take a look for yourselves.


Next on the list – understated elegance for minis in ready to wear ensembles. Welcome Gil & Jas. From the color and pattern choices to stylish design and attention to detail, which for some items Gil has transferred into mini sizes from his menswear collection Barque  (I checked it out, it’s stunning as well!!!). For example, awesome tailored vests actually carry Barque label on them, while blue and red prints, as well as polka dots make for amazingly delicious boys’ shirts! Oh, one of my favorites was a pullover, that I just had to include in this collage 🙂 A true family business run by brother and sister – Gil & Jas.


ENK 1-13-2013 Part 1 {NYC Kids Fashion | Blu Pony Vintage | Andy & Evan For the Little Gentlemen}

Today I have visited ENK International Children’s Club at Pier 92 in Manhattan, in search of new inspirations, beautiful designs and to see updated collections from the designers I always love to see – whether they are local to NYC or have to catch a 5+ hr flight to get here 🙂 It would only be fitting if I started the series of ENK posts with two of my favorites – at every single trade show I go in and look for these familiar and oh so amazing brands. Totally different, but equally amazing. Please allow me to introduce – Blu Pony Vintage from sunny California and Andy & Evan for Little Gentlemen from NYC. 

Make sure you visit their sites for complete look at the wonderful designs these creatives are working on 🙂


Beauty, fresh and new, for minis’ rooms. {inspired}

One vendor I have not mentioned in my Playtime review was Namhee, and this was intentional. I could not find the words to describe the beauty, intricate details, little flowers and patterns, and fabric, and shapes in just a few words or a single image. So here comes – meet NamheeNYC. Not that I was able to come up with more or just more appropriate words, but given that Nahmee is a decor designer with a very specific audience, and amazingly intricate pieces I wanted to write about her in a separate post.

Namhee creates truly unique pieces of decor, beautiful yet functional. The way many items are presented on her website, makes me just want to get some for our summer home in the Poconos. Gorgeous metal chairs draped in colorful patterns, tiny stools looking so vintage and simple, clothes hooks in the shape of antlers. These items are so unique and so zen. Please enjoy the look of Manhee’s Playtime booth, and make sure to click those links to see her collection – you won’t be disappointed.

Some images via NamheeNYC website


Playtime New York – a cuteness wonderland!!!

During one of the craziest weekends of my life I have attended a truly magical event that is Playtime New York. I did photo coverage of the show for Little Miss Heirlooms, but being a Mom, I could not just document it without stopping in awe by all the amazing designer booths! Here’s a little preview of what buyers were able to pick from – truly a magical wonderland of all things cute!

As always, for more cuteness visit Candy Kid Photo on FB !

I was looking forward to meet a wonderful group of Moms at the show, smart and gorgeous Elina  from A-List Mom, Kat – designer extraordinaire behind Babylady Inc, the super talented Priscilla from Babiekins Magazine, Inessa from Diaper Style Memoirs, and of course Street Fashion Mogul Mom Julia from PlanetAwesomeKid! As an added bonus I have met two brilliant photographers Gretchen and Ana, an amazing designer Angela of Lula Honey, and people I envy the most – Mommy Bloggers (I WISH I could write as well as you ladies do!!!!) – Jodi, a fellow Brooklynite and creator of Pistols and Popcorn, Yolanda who is the essence of Momfilter and Monica – the author of *Hoolaboola (that is currently running a really cool giveaway from one of Playtime vendors). Phew, I really hope I didn’t forget anyone 🙂 I was so happy to meet you ladies – amazing talent and great women!!!

As I was walking the show, I could barely wait to make it to kicokids (the designs that I have loved dearly for several years now) booth, to meet with Danielle, who has so graciously loaned us clothes for the editorial I was shooting the next day! I think it would only be appropriate to start with some photos of really cool inspirational quotes tee from kicokids.

One of my absolute new favorites was Pale Cloud, with their dusty pink raincoat that was to die for and impeccable coats in delicate colors and soft knits stole my heart. Not to mention the super friendly owners! 🙂

Bakker stole my heart with bright colors and the unbelievable bag selection that was just right for her pint-sized customers. We were so lucky we were able to pull a few items right from the booth for our editorial the next day! “and for that, we thank you!” (I do like me some Tosh.0 in the evenings)

Another little thing I did, I went through all the business cards at the end of the day and pulled some really cool ones that I thought were truly unique, aside from being super talented, the next few designers really managed to amaze me with their unforgettable cards.

A For Apple – friendly, talented and amazing!!! Loved the booth and designs – super street-cool and appealing. 🙂

GOAT-MILK stole my heart with amazing undergarments for boys and girls, and unbelievably gorgeous photography (I was drooling over the undies as much as over their  posters)

Wovenplay’s retro bathing suite is something I am eyeing for my little girl’s summer at the lake

The coolest booth design in my book goes to Little Esop. I mean, how can you resist these little robotic (alien?) cuties with one actually flying over your head? 🙂

Dagmar Daley’s fresh bright tulips were not the only thing in the booth that made my head turn – I mean, are these outfits cool or what?

Coral & Tusk’s embroidery was out of this world – from little booties, to t-shirts, to throw pillows and accessories! Did I mention one of their business card designs featured embroidery on fabric and the other one unbelievably cool die cut in the middle of the card? Yeah – these people know their design inside and out – I hope to feature some of their items in an editorial soon, it’s a romantic’s dream come true.

I think everyone has covered the whimsical label that is ATSYO ET AKIKO – their clothes, jewelry, bags and accessories truly spoke to the side of me that is a Mom of a girl. And even though my girl is often dressed like a tomboy, she is a princess at heart, and she absolutely loved the tutus, delicate jewelry and cute bags, t-shirts with Eiffel tower on them that confess their love to you.

and last mention is this post is agua by Trash-a-Porter. For those who don’t know me, I am a lover of all things soft when it comes to clothes – and what can be softer to the touch than cashmere? I was instantly sold when I saw the bright colors, and feathery soft texture of agua’s creations!

There were so many great designers at Playtime, it’s hard to mention everyone, but if you visit Candy Kid Photo on FB, and find someone you know, please feel free to tag them. 🙂

Please do not reuse any images without my permission.