Beauty, fresh and new, for minis’ rooms. {inspired}

One vendor I have not mentioned in my Playtime review was Namhee, and this was intentional. I could not find the words to describe the beauty, intricate details, little flowers and patterns, and fabric, and shapes in just a few words or a single image. So here comes – meet NamheeNYC. Not that I was able to come up with more or just more appropriate words, but given that Nahmee is a decor designer with a very specific audience, and amazingly intricate pieces I wanted to write about her in a separate post.

Namhee creates truly unique pieces of decor, beautiful yet functional. The way many items are presented on her website, makes me just want to get some for our summer home in the Poconos. Gorgeous metal chairs draped in colorful patterns, tiny stools looking so vintage and simple, clothes hooks in the shape of antlers. These items are so unique and so zen. Please enjoy the look of Manhee’s Playtime booth, and make sure to click those links to see her collection – you won’t be disappointed.

Some images via NamheeNYC website



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