A beautifully busy week

I have had one of the busiest weeks so far this year, and it’s not over yet. Two major kids fashion events are happening over the weekend, and while I am attending both, I will have a chance to catch up with wonderful ladies I haven’t seen in ages, meet new friends, explore top children’s designers and their new collections.

On top of all this excitement I have one of the largest shoots I have ever orchestrated – over 20 little models taking part in a <secret theme> styled photo/video shoot for Summer issue of Babiekins Magazine! And to top it all off – Babiekins Editor is coming to NYC from sunny California!!! But more about it later, when I have sneak peeks to show off 🙂

I have ordered my new gift certificates that will be available starting this weekend, and look absolutely gorgeous. Simply put –  a busy busy week for me, but a smile is not leaving my face these days 🙂


About candykidphoto

A published NYC Children's Fashion and Portrait Photographer that captures the heart of the most fleeting moment in an image. Forever yours to keep. My sessions are fun, and I try to keep them short and sweet, knowing how fast my little clients' mood can change. A fun fest, and a lasting impression. I am a kid whisperer :) View all posts by candykidphoto

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